If you are ready to revamp your vehicle’s infotainment centre, then you might want to take a closer look at Apple CarPlay.
GRC Car Audio supply and install Apple CarPlay multimedia systems from Alpine and Pioneer.
We can also supply and install systems that integrate Apple CarPlay through factory screen & controls, on selected European, Japanese & American vehicles
Read on to learn more about Apple CarPlay.

An Overview of Apple CarPlay

Over the last few years, after market infotainment software has become very common, and CarPlay continues to be one of the most popular programs in that market. CarPlay essentially turns your vehicle’s infotainment center into a Siri-based personal assistant. As this software grows in popularity, many of the leading car manufacturers are now selling their vehicles with CarPlay pre-installed. Adding Apply CarPlay to aftermarket infotainment centers is very simple as well, and this software is compatible with most of the pre-installed and aftermarket infotainment centers that have been developed within the last few years.

Just as with many other aspects of a vehicle, the quality of every infotainment centre varies widely between manufacturers and models. That is just one of the many reasons why so many people have integrated CarPlay into their infotainment centres. That unique system utilizes Apple’s streamlined and intuitive Siri virtual assistant so that you can send texts, make calls, check the weather, get directions, and stream your favourite music. It also gives you better control over the infotainment centre with voice commands, and that means that you can keep your eyes on the road.

With this software, you can use voice commands to carry out a wide variety of tasks while you are in the car. To activate CarPlay, you can either touch the voice command button on the steering wheel or press and hold the home button on the infotainment centre touch screen. From there, you will be able to ask your vehicle any questions that you might have. That includes directions to your destination, what the weather is like, or the state of the traffic in your area. You can also give commands ranging from sending texts to starting a playlist. Anything that you would usually use Siri for on your iPhone can be controlled with CarPlay.

Setting CarPlay Up

If you aren’t happy with your vehicle’s infotainment software, then you will be glad to hear that upgrading to Apple CarPlay is very easy. Once installed and as long as you have updated to the most recent version of CarPlay, setting this software up should only take a few minutes. Once CarPlay is up and running on your iPhone, you can simply connect your phone to your vehicle’s infotainment centre. The easiest way to establish a connection is to plug the iPhone into a USB port with a cable. You can also turn on your vehicle’s Bluetooth feature and connect to your phone. Once it has been connected, CarPlay should immediately open up on the vehicle’s touch screen. To alter your icons or add new apps, you will need to make those changes on your iPhone while the vehicle is parked.

GRC will work with you on instaltion to set up your CarPlay device.

Enjoying Your Upgraded Infotainment Center.

Getting Apple’s CarPlay running on your vehicle is easier than ever, and this simple upgrade could have a big impact on how you drive. With nothing more than a single click of a button and a few voice commands, you will have access to almost every feature that your iPhone has to offer. This software is a great option for anyone who is no longer happy with the default operating system on their infotainment centres.

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