Pioneer TSA6986S


6″ x 9″ Coaxial 4-way Speakers (600W)



6″ x 9″ Coaxial 4-way Speakers (600W)

New MMM Cone

The new A-Series speakers feature a multilayer mica matrix cone where a surface containing mica properly maintains the cone?s superior rigidity and internal loss while another layer makes excellent use of light, water-resistant material.

Improved Power Handling

The TS-A6996S, TS-A6986S, TS-A6976S, TS-A6966S and TS-A1676S can handle up to 10 percent more power than their predecessors, enabling a higher peak reproducible volume at minimal distortion.

Impactful Tunes

Now with an increased dynamic range and linearity, users will be able to hear and feel deeper bass, in addition to smoother and extended treble.

Our TS-A speakers tap the full potential of your in-car audio setup. The cone ensures a punching bass and improved midrange frequency response. Additionally, the speakers utilise our Open & Smooth design concept which means that what you hear has an open, wider sound staging, with a smoother transition between the mid-bass and tweeter. You?ll enjoy a sound that is more accurate, with a full-bodied bass.