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GRC Supply and Install Tailored Vehicle Solutions for Your Fleet

With customizable solutions tailored to your fleet size and requirements, we help you maximize productivity, minimize costs, and keep your fleet running smoothly. Experience the benefits of our advanced fleet solutions and take control of your operations like never before.

Our Fleet Range

Cellular Range Extenders

Ensure a strong and reliable cellular connection on the go with our cellular range extenders. Designed to enhance cellular signal reception in areas with weak coverage, our range extenders boost your signal strength, allowing for clearer calls and faster data speeds.

Whether you’re travelling through remote locations or frequently encounter signal challenges, our cellular range extenders provide a reliable solution. Stay connected wherever your journey takes you with our dependable cellular range extenders.

GPS Tracking

Ensure the security and efficiency of your vehicle with our GPS tracking systems. Designed to provide real-time location updates and monitoring, our GPS trackers offer peace of mind and valuable insights into your vehicle’s whereabouts. Track your vehicle remotely, set geofencing boundaries, and receive instant alerts for unauthorized movement. Our GPS tracking solutions are ideal for fleet management, personal vehicles, and commercial applications, providing you with enhanced safety and control.

Cellular / Bluetooth / Hands Free

Stay connected and drive safely with our cellular/hands-free solutions. Our range of products allows you to seamlessly integrate your smartphone with your vehicle, providing hands-free calling, wireless music streaming, and voice-controlled functionality. With advanced Bluetooth technology, crystal-clear audio, and intuitive controls, our cellular/hands-free systems keep you connected while keeping your focus on the road. Experience convenience and safety in one package with our reliable cellular/hands-free solutions.

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